How to earn money from videos

The main ways to earn money on the YouTube platform are primarily related to viewing ads. In short, this scheme looks like this: the advertiser is interested in entering into an agreement with a channel on which thousands of users «hang» every day. For the publication of their ads, they are willing to pay the owner a certain percentage or a fixed fee. However, the advertiser is only interested in promoted, monetized channels. Read also: How to keep track of investments-the best solutions for the investor. How to make money in 2021 in a partnership with banks, without investments and purchases. That is why it is important not just to quickly open your project, but to promote it and make it recognizable. Subsequently, this will lead to constant growth of subscribers, and advertisers will find you themselves. Monetization of the channel will occur due to: viewing by users of commercials that we often see before or in the middle of the movie; selling goods or services that are advertised on the channel; placing contextual advertising; placing affiliate or advertising links in the description of the videos, etc, buy youtube views.

How much can you earn and where to start How to understand it in numbers? Most often, the advertiser is willing to pay a certain income for a fixed number of views of the video and advertising. For 1000 views, you will earn about $ 1. But, if the channel is already sufficiently promoted, then every day it can be watched by hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Thus, we get $ 100 of passive income daily or $ 3,000 per month! And all this can be successfully combined with the main job in the specialty and other sources of income. In any case, you need to start your project by registering a channel on the YouTube video hosting service. Just go to the official website of the resource, wherein in the upper-left corner you can see an icon with the name «My Channel». After passing a simple registration, we get our own project-channel. Now you need to come up with an interesting idea for implementation.

There are already a huge number of channels on the hosting and it is quite difficult to invent a creative idea. Competitors are already working on almost any topic there. However, you can still stand out due to a more interesting presentation of the material, regular addition of fresh content, voice acting, conducting sweepstakes, etc. Step-by-step instructions for promoting a YouTube channel Let’s assume that the channel is created, and unique and meaningful content and videos are added to it. But new subscribers are added very irregularly, and then, for the most part, these are friends and your acquaintances. What to do? It is necessary to perform certain actions to ensure recognition and promotion in general. Let’s look at them in stages, although the order is not so important here: Optimizing video content. This step is necessary from the point of view that it is the search engines that rank the channel in the search results. If it is not at the top or close to it, it means that the search robots do not like something. Be sure to make the name informative, it should correspond to the topic of the project, be easy to understand, and contain keywords. Meta information is important not only for the title but also for the description of the video.

Key queries should occur in them, but it is better to keep their number moderate. Otherwise, they will not be able to get into the list of similar in meaning. Often, users go to your channel after viewing competitors precisely because search engines rank them in the same way. Links to the channel from other resources and from social networks (cross-links). The more incoming links from other live resources, the better. Links can be put down anywhere, where appropriate, for example, when communicating online forums on their pages in social networks Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Instagram, etc. If a user has several channels of their own, then you should definitely make a link between them (this is when the content contains mutual links). Videos from YouTube must be present on each of these resources. It is desirable if they are accompanied by phrases and chips that are attractive to potential subscribers. Exchange of links to channels with the authors of other blogs. Do not count on the fact that your links will be published by advanced and promoted bloggers.

It is advisable to immediately focus on those who are on the same level as you. How do I understand this? Just look at the number of subscribers, the target audience and the topic of the projects. If they are approximately the same, then you should contact your colleagues and offer such mutually beneficial cooperation. Advertise your channel on already known and promoted resources. This is the next step, but this service is provided for a fee because it makes no sense for self-respecting bloggers and site owners to risk their reputation by offering unknown products for their word of honor. Keep in mind that such advertising is quite expensive, and therefore you need to immediately evaluate the target audience. But if you make the right choice, you can ensure an influx of thousands of new subscribers. Contextual advertising in search engines and YouTube, in particular. To order, it is better to contact specialized marketing agencies that can make SEO calculations and create a semantic core for promotion. As for YouTube, we are talking about videos that insert advertising stories about your company (store) or channel. They can be served at the beginning of each recording or as ad breaks.


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